Social Media Strategy

SJH Derm is a physician driven & employee-owned dermatology practice with locations throughout the Chicago area. After launching SJH Derm in 2021 with a new brand and website, the business was ready add social media as a channel to the marketing strategy.

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The Challenge

SJH Derm recognized the need for a social media strategy. The reality is that social media is no longer an option for a brand or business, it’s a necessity. It’s where you want to be to engage, influence and convert. This holds true for dermatology practices, as well. The management had a good idea of how they wanted to engage socially, but needed a plan for successful execution.

The Approach

In order to better understand the landscape, an in-depth competitor/comparable audit was performed. Along with an industry trends analysis, the audit provided insights into the most effective approach to social media marketing for SJH. One of the requirements was to define goals that could be tied to metrics, in order to justify the investment.

The Delivery

As a result of a collaborative and iterative process, SJH now has a Social Media Strategy that will guide implementation for increased engagement. The goal is to drive traffic to the website and call center, resulting in new patient appointments. This document outlines the strategy for social engagement, while staying true to the overall SJH brand identity.

Visit the SJH Derm social media channels: on Instagram.

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