Brand Clarity for a Fitness Company

Fluid Running is leading the industry by reimaging water fitness into a high-intensity interval training workout led by accredited instructors who empower people to achieve their personal best.

The Challenge

Fluid Running was faced with brand confusion as it evolved from its original concept. The management team was challenged with getting people to understand who they are and what they offer. There was a strong need to clearly define the brand’s positioning, in order to effectively and succinctly communicate the unique value proposition to the marketplace.

The Approach

After laying the foundation of the brand with a solid positioning statement, individual key messages were developed for each of the identified audience segments. It was critical that the positioning statement held true for all target audiences, while the key messages were tailored based on what is particularly important to that segment.

The Delivery

In order to fully understand the end deliverable, a comprehensive Messaging Framework and Architecture were built to highlight the key inputs, as well as ensure consistent brand messaging in the future. As part of the process, Audience Personas were created for each target segment. The end result was a singular positioning statement and eight key messages that are relevant and compelling to each audience.

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Brylson Brands proved their value throughout our project together. At the very first meeting, they asked our team what success (of the project) looked like for us, and they checked all of the boxes. Our brand’s positioning and messaging is now clear, succinct, and consistent. They brought in a fresh perspective that will help us effectively communicate who we are and what we offer to the marketplace. I highly recommend Brylson’s services

Jennifer Conroyd, Founder of Fluid Running

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