Website Redesign & Content of a Law Firm

Eagan & Alaily LLC is a woman-owned law firm located in Chicago providing counsel to small-to-midsize businesses, as well as multinational financial institutions. Their website had not been updated in several years, from both a content and design perspective. It was time to invest in a digital upgrade for the firm.

The Challenge

Not only was the look and feel of the website outdated, but the content of the pages was unfocused, unstructured and ubiquitous. We needed to figure out the firm’s differentiation in a crowded marketplace and consistently convey it on their website in a way that potential clients could understand. We also needed to ensure that the website was easy to navigate and increase the firm’s SEO.

The Assignment

A website redesign was at the core of the project, but we started with the consumer in order to find EA’s brand voice. This allowed us to develop content that would set them apart from the competition and make them easy to find on the internet. We also tied in visual updates to ultimately create a functional and aesthetic website for EA Attorneys.

The Results

Our work has resulted in EA fulfilling two key business goals – improving SEO content and website design to attract potential clients. An indirect win was proving that consistent and clear messaging is an important part of brand building, even in the legal industry.

Visit the EA Attorneys website.

The Brylson team delivered exceptional results. What we appreciated the most of working with them is that Brylson’s knowledge base is unsurpassed, but they don’t act like it. Brylson would listen to our objectives and then provide things that we didn’t even know we wanted. That’s knowledge and leadership combined – not easy to find these days. Thank you for all you did, and will continue to do for us!

Partner at Egan & Alaily LLC

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Key Elements to the EA Website Content

  • Uncover unique value proposition (UVP) through partner interviews and client surveys
  • Develop clear messaging and keywords around validated UVP
  • Pull through of brand messaging through content
  • Reinforce key messages through clients testimonials, success stories, and partner bios
Old EA Website

Previous EA Attorneys Website

New EA Website

New EA Attorneys Website

Key Elements to the EA Website Design

  • Structure architecture for accessibility of services
  • Enhancement of logo design to improve website real estate
  • Consistent usage of brand colors for visual brand recall
  • New photography and use of video improving visual engagement

New Website Statistics

  • Increased Google search impressions by 33% over the first 60 days
  • Traffic from Google searches improved 40x with new SEO focused content
  • Google site performance score doubled to 90 out of 100
  • Reduced page size and page load times for a better user experience

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